Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ready for Halloween

Whew, I wasn't sure I would even get to post this before Halloween. I've still been busy with sick parents, sick kids, and school problems. It's been a tough fall so Halloween kind of snuck up on me this year.

A fellow food dye fanatic/friend sent me this link about Necco wafers going dye free. I stocked up on Yummy Earth Lollipops, Darell Lea's licorice (from Target) and some chocolate. I use my selections to replace what my kids bring home from parties.

Here is what I sent in to the preschool party today:

I used a white cake and frosting mix and then decorated with spider rings from Walmart. My daughter loved that some of the rings were purple. For those who have not read my previous holiday posts, I often use white cakes and frosting to make cupcakes for school parties. Be sure to read the ingredients. Many white cake and frosting have dyes.

Then I decorate with colorful things that don't contain dyes. Some cupcake paper wrappers come with matching toothpicks to stick in each cupcake. Otherwise I've used foil wrapped chocolates. Basically I try to add color, without adding petroleum based color like red #40. This year I did not sign up for very many parties (didn't get to the list quick enough at parent night) so I just brought in a cupcake for my son's party and he passed on the rest of the stuff the other parents brought.

My oldest has been quite happy that I stocked the teacher with candy for him. He would rather have a few Surf Sweets sour worms than a cupcake anyway. I just asked what he wanted to eat on party days and he picked a few bags of candy. It works out easily because the candy keeps a little longer than cookies or cakes. The only down side: one day he had a sub and she didn't believe him that he could get candy instead of a birthday treat. Win some, loose some.

I'm also still trying to find which dentist pays kids for their Halloween candy. I think we'll pay him a visit.

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K said...

We're doing the dentist buy-back thing with our colored candy this year. My 7yo is on board with it; the 4yo might be a little harder to convince to part with his candy, though!

I saw that about the necco wafers, too. I'm keeping my eye out for them! One idea that we've been using for the classroom party/cupcake problem is to send in cupcakes to keep in the nurses' freezer. I got the idea from "no whey mom" and it works really well. After baking & cooling, I cut the top of the cupcake a little and put some frosting inside, kind of twinkie like; wrap well and freeze. The morning of the party, the teacher pulls it out for my daughter so she has something similar to the other kids (without the dye-loaded neon frosting). That way, she's always got something at school and I don't have to keep on top of all the school birthdays.

Thank you for keeping this blog going even though life gets crazy at times. It's a great resource of information.