Monday, December 21, 2009

darn those yellow donuts!

This is the second time in the last month that yellow donuts have become an issue, both times at breakfast buffets. From the outside they looked like normal brownish sugar covered donuts (one with powdered sugar, the other with cinnamon sugar). Both times my 4 year old took a bite only to reveal a bright yellow inside. By then it's too late. Uhg! No more sugared donuts for us. I definitely see the irritability and impulse control problems that always accompany the dies. At least it will wear off before Christmas.


Casey said...

It's everywhere, we're surrounded by dyes! My son had potato latkes at school the other day and whoever prepared them must have used dye-filled egg beaters since he instantly turned into a monster. Someone brought in sugar cookies for the class holiday party and I read the label off to the parents in the class (it's a preschool so there are only 12 kids in the class) and they were all shocked to see how many different dyes were in sugar cookies. And for what?

Casey said...

Hi Laurie,
I just wanted to see if annatto is one of the things you avoid in your kid's diets. I know it's listed as one of the "natural" dyes but I think I've seen a reaction in my kids after eating foods with it in them.

kathy said...

Hi, Happy New Year!It has been an interesting holiday season trying to block all the incoming foods with dye that my son loves.I went to the school party with a bag of back ups so he could choose and then he was onto a ccd party at the church, it was not a great day.I did find organgic candy canes at whole foods he loves them!I also bought what I could from there to decorate cookies and the natural food dye.They were fine but we could not get green out of this dye, not a big deal.My sister did say that the sugar cookies we decorated with all the natural stuff were the best she has had ever!She is a sugar foodie so there you go!I'm always looking for options, my son has oral sensory issues so we are always looking for natural dye foods that are chewy.Tahnks Kathy

Kathy said...

HI Again,
I was watching some u-yube video from the feingold org and they had mentioned that artifical flavors can be as bad as the colors, is that true??I have not paid as much attention to that.Also perfumes!Are they as bad as the the flavors and the colors?What are we suppose to do?It really seems very overwhelming and howcan we really know whats causing all this off behavior in our kids??Any advise?
Thanks Kathy

food dye diaries said...

Kathy, it sure gets overwhelming at times, but the rewards of eating real food instead of chemicals are huge. I posted a new entry to better answer your question. In short, I try to avoid artificial flavors as well as colors, but I am not quite as over-kill about the flavors. I find we can tolerate a little of the flavors, but absolutely none of the colors. I can tell if anyone eats even 1 little pink jelly bean. I see it in the behavior or mood.