Saturday, July 25, 2009

sometimes the 3rd day is the worst

I think we managed 4 days at my in-laws' farm and 3 days at my parents without any mishaps with dyes. That's a feat considering the large M&M dispenser full of peanut M&Ms always within reach at my in-laws'. In a momentary loss of reason I ordered a lime soda ( blue #1 and yellow #5) for myself when my Dad took me out for Mexican food. I seemed fine until the third day but today I feel short tempered and need to hold my tongue to not say or yell what I really want to say. I also intercepted my Dad before he offered a shortbread cookie to Lindsey with yellow #5 in it. I don't think the grandpas will ever really understand about food dyes.

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Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

This is incredible! I just started a new blog yesterday because my son, 3 1/2 has severe reactions to dye. I searched for other blogs about dye and ran across your site. your site is so on target with where we are it is unbelievable. Right down to the 3rd and 4th day being the hot day. I never even knew it effected me also until my house went dye free. Also I am in your boat that the grandparents still don't get it, giving him pickles with yellow and blue in it for a snack. I have tons of bookmarks that I wanted to do something with, put on my blog, and low and behold, there is your amazing site with most if it there already. My obsession is with learning about dye, since it has a severe impact on my son, and is IMPOSSIBLE to keep him off it for more than a month. Even today, at class they let him play with old chipped crayons. When I read that you and your son sipped red 40 I almost lurched out of my chair in sympathy. Mason would be running mad for the next 4 days.