Monday, August 10, 2009

surprising dye free cereal

While shopping at Kroger today we noticed a large display at the end of an aisle of a new line of natural cereals from Mom's Naturals. They actually have an all natural substitute for Lucky Charms, only without the junk. No kidding. I always loved them as a kid, so of course we bought them and tried them already. Picking the crunchy little marshmallows is still just as fun, only now without all the side effects of the dyes. Here's a link to the company where you can even get coupons:

I've heard that the demand for natural foods has finally increased such that companies are able to produce foods in larger quantities pushing the price down. Kroger is now offering more and more natural foods because the lower prices also make it more likely the average Kroger shopper will buy them. Isn't that a nice change.


Mom4Change said...

Yummy! I want to buy some of those! My kids would love them. Thanks for the FYI!

food dye diaries said...

Get a couple of boxes! We're half way through the box because we can't stop snacking on them. Notice I'm including myself in the "can't stop eating them" group. Such a treat to have some fun food without all the "not fun" behaviors.

Erika :-) said...

I saw those last time I was at Kroger. Went with the Kashi and natural granola instead but we might have to try them sometime!