Saturday, January 16, 2010

getting ready for a dye free Valentine's Day

It just hit me that another "red holiday" is right around the corner. My friends and I have found lots of strategies that help so I thought I would share them ahead of time, in case you need to order stuff.

Here are some candy options I've come across:

If you want to bake for Valentine's day, I have not ordered these, but the pictures looked so good, I'm really tempted

There are also options on Amazon:
Yummy Earth
India Tree

Here is last year's post about what I made:

One of our favorites continues to be Darrell Lea's Australian Licorice from Target--great tasting dye free red licorice. I couldn't find it on Target's web, but they actually have different colors (green and yellow) at amazon. I might order that with a friend some time since you need to get large quantities:

Happy party planning!


Anonymous said...

Such great tips! Thank you!

Ruby said...

I used the India Tree food colors and sugars for my Christmas baking. They are wonderful, however I wonder how many bottles of the red they used in that photo to get the cookies red. I was easily able to achieve a lovely pink color, but never RED! But I continue to use them, my kids appreciate beig able to eat something colorful!
Another good choice for V day is Neccos. They are now all-natural. Unfortunately the brand didnt carry that through to the conversation hearts they also make, they're still full of dyes!!

Casey said...

Thanks for the list. I tried my hand at homemade lollipops the other night and there's a reason I don't cook. I'll keep trying until they're edible.

Kathy said...

I just want to give a heads up to the neccos.They are producing a dye free version, however the old ones are being made as well so read the label.I went looking for them and have not found where to buy them yet.Once I find out I will let you know.I even looked at whole foods and they have nothing that is even close to them.I'll keep you posted. Kathy

Kathy said...

Okay so I got everything all set for the valentines day at school(which parents weren't invited,its 2nd grade).I sent candy for my son and the teacher was going to bring in a treat, so I said I would send something for my son.It went really well he did not eat any of the candy he recieved and someone sent in doughnuts with choc and sprinles,he did not eat any.He comes to me that evening and says this tatoo says it has yellow 5-6, and blue 1 and he had already put it on.One more thing I never thought to check!One more cool thing he can't have.I feel like I'm always the bad guy telling him no. Kathy

food dye diaries said...

Kathy, I totally agree it is soooo hard to be the mean mom with all the food rules. I always try to let my kids trade goodies for dye free. My husband takes the junk to his office. My kids didn't mind giving away all the heart candies when they got delicious red licorice and Yummy Earth lollipops instead.

kathy said...

Thank you food dye diaries,
I have learned alot from this blog and it has also given me a place to vent when I feel like I'm being the bad person on patrol for the dyes.I don't have many people around that either have an issue with this or perhaps believe in it so I thank you for this blog.I knew nothing about these issues until we adopted my son and call it mothers intuition but we knew something was going on, among other things.So its been a journey, but my son is getting better all the time and we love him so much.Thank you for helping to educate us. Kathy

food dye diaries said...

Thanks Kathy,

That's exactly why I started this blog. I found myself all alone looking stuff up and people not believing that I had research to back up my crazy obsessing food restrictions for my kids. I wanted a place to keep track of all my efforts and try to save other moms the hassel of finding their way alone in the dark.