Thursday, April 29, 2010

taking the good with the bad

We had some highs and lows this week. My 4 year old went to a birthday party for a pre-school friend. A relative works at the preschool and knows about our food dye restrictions. The parent went to great effort to make treat bags with individually wrapped bags of cookies so they would be dye-free. They also got a cookie cake and requested that part be left un-frosted so my daughter could eat it.

That was all great... One of the best efforts that has been made on behalf of any of my children. There was only one problem. When they cut the cookie cake, they dragged the knife through the red frosting to get to the plain part for my daughter. Yeah....well, so much for all that effort. I may have spoken up if I was there, but I had to send my husband to the party since I was in a professional training all day. Needless to say, I saw a lot of behaviors pop out over the next 3 days that are not normally part of the routine. Hopefully we're winding back down now.

The other great news was my 10 year old had a classmate bringing in a birthday treat. The mom actually called me ahead to find out if a plain glazed donut would be OK. The rest of the class had donuts with sprinkles, but they kept a plain one separate.

So all in all we are even making progress with birthday parties, one family at a time. It's nice when thoughtful parents think about my kids and try to make sure they are not left out.


Anonymous said...

Well I have to be really proud of my son,he has shown reall responsibility at times when it comes to eating things at other peoples houses.I have seen him read labels before he ate something,I thought I was going to explode in relief and joy!I have realixed that I think hes also sensitive to vanillin and after him and his dad spray painted the dinosaur project ouside and he was out of control for 2 days.I just think he is chemically sensitive in alot of ways and wonder can I have him tested?If so what kind of a doctor does that to test for things that are not the main stream allergies?I'd love any input anyone has.Thanks so much.

Suzanne said...

My daughter is only 4 so sometimes it's hard to keep her away from some foods, especially when she is offered it from somebody. Some foods end up slipping by and I don't notice until her behavior comes out. Is there anyway to counteract her reaction to dyes? I've been trying to research this but haven't found anything. I was thinking maybe there is a food she can have that would absorb the dye and cut down or elimate the effects. Any information you could share would be appreciated.

Kim Snedden said...

While I truly applaud any parent that nicely accommodates "our issue", can't help wondering when a simple glazed donut wasn't treat enough for the rest of the clan. Why have the sprinkle ones anyway? I can see having a gluten-free treat for the one child with celiac (or whatever the exception may be), but so sad that most parents don't hear our stories and wonder what the dyes may be doing to their own angels! Some day. I am confident it will happen in my lifetime. Cheers!