Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh Happy Happy Day

Nothing like one of my favorite dye free foods to bring me back to my blog after a long busy baseball season. Actually, baseball's still not done since my son made the district play off team, but the schedule is finally calmer this week.

However, the big celebration is all about Graeters' ice cream. If you're not from Ohio, and if you missed Oprah's endorsement several years ago, you may not have heard of it. Their black raspberry chip ice cream may very well be the best ice cream on earth. Even Oprah thought so. I gave it up about 4 years ago when we went dye free because of the red #40.

My awesome husband noticed tonight that the container in the take home case said "all natural." They actually took out the red #40!!!! I am so excited. We can eat black raspberry chip ice cream again. Life is good. I may need to go back tomorrow just to get some.

I have faith that consumer pressure will keep driving these changes, so keep asking for your favorites to be made dye free. It can work.


kathy said...

I just discovered my son loves blk raspberry ice cream,however he wasn"t with me that day and I would have asked the questions!He was off the wall for a few days.I would like to know where I can get that ice cream,we are from MA so I'm thinking it may be a hard thing to do.Would love any input.
Thanks Kathy

Melissa said...

I love your blog! A couple months ago I read an article about food dye and children, and chose to eliminate food dye from our diets to see if there was a difference in my son, and the change was amazing. I have started a blog to keep track of it all. I linked to you on my blog and have used some of the links you have. Thanks for being an inspiration!

food dye diaries said...

You can actually get Graeters shipped. Here is there website:

Kate said...

Not sure if they have Friendly's in OH, but their Black Raspberry ice cream is free of Red dye 40 also & it is the BEST!!!

food dye diaries said...

Oh, thank you for posting that! My first job was at Friendly's and we do have a few left around Ohio.