Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to School and Dye free Benadryl


Maybe now that my youngest started kindergarten I'll get back to posting more often. I spent last week sending emails to all the teachers to explain how my kids can't have food dyes and then I took a bag to each teacher of drinks and snacks that my kids can have instead of birthday treats with food dyes.

I also wondered if anyone else has had any recent luck finding dye free medicines. With the big Tylenol recall, it's much harder to find the basics. I usually stay stocked on dye free Motrin and Tylenol as well as Dye free Benadryl. I often buy the Meijer brand dye free Ibuprofen, which is not recalled and still available. I've been holding my breath hoping that my kids would not get poison ivy or bad bug bites needing the dye free Benadryl, since it's recalled. I was quite relieved that my friend told me today that CVS now has a dye free generic for Benadryl.

I also can't remember if I've posted on Gatorade and Powerade. A neurologist recommended my son drink sports drinks at the onset of migraines. It actually helps quite a bit and both come in a clear flavor if you look hard enough.

Thanks for all the recent comments to various posts. Sorry it took so long to get them to show up. I appreciate knowing my blog has helped other families.


daisydilly (vicki) said...

Walgreens has their brand of dye free pain reliever . It's been a bummer with the recall and with cold season upon us-well it'll be hard but hopefully we'll go thru it without any sickies.

Violets said...

I wish there were chewable varieties of dye free meds! But I've been able to find generic dye free pain killers (tylenol/motrin) wtihout too much hassle.
I didn't know that electrolyte drinks could help with migraines! There is an all natural version that's like a thin milkshake at Whole Foods called BRAT juice (as in...Bananas Rice milk, Applesauce diet. It's GF/CF too) I'll have to buy some ahead for the next migraine...

Anonymous said...

On in addition to this that you already found:

CVS Children's Allergy Dye-Free Medication Bubble Gum Flavored

They also APPEAR to have:

CVS Children's Dye-Free Ibuprofen

Still haven't seen the Tylenol anywhere though. There isn't CVS in every I had to go look online and saw this too. Thought I'd let you know.

Anonymous said...

I went to Walgreen's yesterday and they had, in the store...

Walgreen's brand:

Dye free Non - Aspirin Pain Reliever (Tylenol) Grape

Dye Free Ibuprofen (Berry)

Dye Free Allergy (Bubblegum)

Walgreen's is my new very best friend...I was so worried my kids would get sick.

They have them in Ohio too, didn't know that. They are ALL over Ohio.

bpic said...

Thanks for letting me know about the dye-free Gatorade. Going to go look for some! Your blog has been a huge help for me in going dye-free for my kids- thank you!!! We also have eliminated BHA, BHT and similar preservatives and have noticed a big difference.

bpic said...

Also, sorry this is random, but just discovered that Mamba fruit chews are dye-free. I buy them at Walgreens. I am stocking up before Halloween so I am ready to "trade" with my kids. Mambas, tootsie rolls and fruit mentos are about all the candy they can have.

Julie said...

We're still pretty new at this and medicine has been one our recent stumbling block. We had just enjoyed a couple of dye free weeks when my daughter got a fever and all I had on hand were the chewable tablets. Should have went out to the store. Anyhow, she was better by the weekend and I threw out every last bit of food dye product that was left in the house...or so I thought. The latest offender, LIFE cereal! Who would have thought? So irritating because my daughter is extremely sensitive and it takes us 5 days to get back to normal.