Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scary food for Halloween

Hey, I'm back after another long absence. I was glad to see all the new comments. Halloween is tricky for those of us who want to be dye free, yet we still want our kids to have fun. In the past we have given out non food trinkets, pretzels, or dye free candy. We have also let the kids go get lots of food dyed candy, brought it back and dumped it into our "give away" bowl and had them go back out. Last year I let them get loaded up on candy, kept what was dye free, and sent the rest to my husband's office. I have exchanged their candy for Yummy Earth Lollipops, Surf Sweets, or chocolate. Since I thought we all reacted to too much artificial flavors in the chocolate last year, we'll be keeping that to a minimum too.

This year I will be giving out Yummy Earth Lollipops, purchased in bulk on amazon. But we are also going to have some fun with our costumes. Chipolte restaurant is inviting people to come in dressed as a scary processed food ingredient. Well of course, I can't pass that up. Our family will be going as the scary family food dyes. I'll keep you posted on our costumes as they progress. So far we've assigned colors and have hoodies for each one of us. We're working on whether we will also do scary masks or face paint.


Anonymous said...

Yummy Earth has Gummy Bears and Worms not too!

Melissa said...

Glad to see you back! I'm still figuring out halloween too. My son and I talked about him going trick or treating, and then we'll take out the candy he can't have, and I will replace it with things I buy that he can have. We have a local dentist that took candy for money last year, so I am hoping that will happen again.
I hope you'll post a picture of your finished costumes! I'd love to see them!

Anonymous said...

I am new to this dye free....I thought I was doing good, buying natural and organic meats, fruits and vegies. Little did I know about all of this. My kids are 2 and 4, so this year to take the candy away. Once we get home instead of them keeping the candy, I am getting things for them to exchange the candy - for example: Books, trains, puzzles and etc. Just thought I'd share the idea.

Anonymous said...

since being dye free thanks to this blog since 2007, our lives are so different, but make no mistake my 5.5 yr old doesnt go without much. there is still so much he can have. i think alot of food comp. are getting on the no dye wagon. the colored goldfish crackers are now dye free nd they have simply fruit roll ups that are dye free, im so glad. its just a way of life now and i love it, our life is so much better dye free. thank you for this blog, love it.
helen from oregon