Wednesday, April 15, 2009

don't keep it secret-- a challenge to moms

I was inspired today by another mom whose story is surprisingly similar to mine. Another amazing turnaround happened just by taking the food dyes out of the diet. We agree that we need to work harder get the word out. She sent me a link to another article about food dyes: The truth about food dyes from CBS. I like this one because of all the comments at the bottom from other moms. Be sure to go all the way down and read those.

Because of this, I want to challenge other families to get the word out. Don't just tell your friends, have a talk at your school PTA meeting. Start a group at your church. Talk about making changes to the school lunches. Do something to let bigger numbers of people know about the importance of food dyes and how bad they can be for children. We can't keep this a secret. We need to become warriors, fighting for the well being of all the children in our country.

We can do this. We can make a difference, but we need to make the information better known. We need to put pressure on food companies by using our wallets to buy only natural foods and convincing enough others to do the same that it starts to make a difference. If you haven't tried taking the food dyes out of your diet, you have no idea of the child you might be missing out on knowing. Doesn't every child deserve to have their real, un-chemically altered brain working on a regular basis?


Violets said...

One more way to help...I signed up for online surveys, places like greenfield online and surveyspot. When food surveys come up I TELL them what I think about the product. Even when it becomes apparent that it's clogged with food dyes, and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole, I complete the survey specifically so I can tell them my real thoughts.

food dye diaries said...

great idea, thanks for the suggestion

Mom4Change said...

You got me motivated this morning! This battle is not over until it is won. :) I emailed the principal of my children's school this morning and invited him to my blog and to help make a difference. Problems are solved by sticking to them. Thanks for the wake-up call!

food dye diaries said...

That's super!

I have updated my links collumn on the right to include the Petition to ban food dyes. Please sign it if you have not already done so.