Monday, April 20, 2009

I can only imagine..

...what my life would be like if I had not figured out the connection between food and behavior. We used to have tantrums over nothing, defiance over the basics, and all out war over the biggies like homework and chores. My children used to have wound up, hyperactive, crazy days where their ears were blocked to the sound of my voice and their engines burned at full tilt from dawn til after dusk. I used to naturally try to raise the sound of my voice to be heard over all the buzzing chaos and wound up frustrated and hoarse without any better results than if I had sat on the couch doing nothing. My oldest often hated my guts and had no qualms about telling me to my face.

Then, I started taking away the food dyes, and it got better. Now I have completely removed food dyes and I also keep 2 of my kids off apples and grapes. The salicylates (chemically similar to aspirin) seem to wire them. Now, we have an unbelievably different picture. Life is smooth. My oldest is polite, helpful, cooperative and affectionate. I can't remember the last tantrum. He appreciates little things and thanks me for them. He will hug me spontaneously and say "thanks of buying the granola bars I like" or something similarly sweet.

So in choosing the title of this post, I was absolutely thinking of the song by Casting Crowns. Freedom from food dyes is a gift from God, a kind of redemption, for my family. We live in light and peace now. No, we're not perfect, but things are soooo much better. And I really do think food dyes are a direct work of evil trying to erode families everywhere. What you do with the information is up to you. Dismiss me as crazy if you need to. I know it probably sounds too good and simple to be true. If you are skeptical, click on my links to the right. Check out the research or the other parent testimonies. Sometimes the truth is simple. If you have not tried avoiding food dyes, then you can't even imagine how much better things can be.


Mom4Change said...

We are on the same path! I feel the same way completely. I wanted to share with you something very positive. I was thrilled this morning to get an email back from the principal of my kids' school. He is going to talk to the food manager and pass it along to his entire staff!! Hooray for change!!! We can do this!!!

food dye diaries said...

Wow! That is go great.

Mom4Change said...

I called McNeil-PCC, Inc. today regarding their tylenol products with red dye 40. Their number is 1-877-895-3665. The representative knew just what I was talking about since her granddaughter had problems with it. I recommended to take out artificial dyes in all the products and that there would be a large market for that. I even gave her my blog site for reference to help other people that she might know. :) Slowly but surely the turtle will win the race!

Anonymous said...

small correction, MercyMe sings I Can Only Imagine, not Casting Crowns. Not sure why it's listed like that on youtube.