Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More petroleum in food?

My friend and fellow food dye avoider called me to say she noticed Heinz advertising on their vinegar that they are the only one guaranteed not to contain petroleum. WHAT!? Now it's in the vinegar too?! I did a quick Internet search and found this article about vinegar and petroleum. Once again, it pays to know what you are eating. Something else to ponder, I guess.

By the way, I think the vanillin (another petrochemical) in the easter chocolate has been affecting me this week. Maybe that's why my daughter is a little on edge too.

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Anonymous said...

Some more food for thought, anytime you read artificial flavoring, all of those come from petroleum. The portfolio of chemical compounds used to make flavors are astounding I can give you some quick examples though;
Ethyl-formate, this is a compound made from ethanol and formic acid it is also the smell and taste of rasberry.
Butyl-acetate, butanol and acetic acid, this is the flavor used for bananas and pineapple, if you had a banana runt candy this is the main artificial flavor ingredient
Isopropyl-propionate, isopropanol alcohol and propionic acid, this is also a compound used for pineapple.

There is a list 100+ long of compounds just like these used to scent and flavor the things we eat. In all cases they can and are made from petroleum oil. In some cases they can be made reasonably from a natural source but at a much higher cost.

Want to learn more check out, this is what we are working on solving. Big problem though.