Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dye free candy

I made another exciting discovery yesterday. Wonka has dye free candy: sour gummies and regular gummies. I was at Ohio University for a training and found it at the check out line in the cafeteria. My friend, another dye free advocate, was surprised we had never tried it. She said she sees it everywhere, especially gas stations. I guess I stopped looking at candy racks under the assumption there was nothing we could have. This was yet another pleasant surprise: regular candy, in a regular check out, at a regular candy price. I attached a link to their site so you can see what the packaging looks like. However, only a few products are natural. Most of their other products still have dyes. If they could only get a dye free laffy taffy my son would be in heaven...maybe some day. When I looked more closely at the site, it appears Nestle owns Wonka. Nestle has been changing many of their products, going more natural. They even took the artificial flavor out of their chocolate chips. With that in mind, chocolate chips would be another idea for things to put in Easter eggs. So, Thanks Nestle! We'll be buying your natural products.


Becky R said...

I noticed Nestle had no dyes in some items. But my son still can't have gummy candy as he has soft teeth.

Bossy Chef said...

thank you. we are starting to eliminate dyes and my son would have been crushed to give up gummies forever.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with the wonka gummies, I found them a little while back but when reading the ingredients, they have listed "cochineal color", which is a red dye made from crushed beetles. It can pass as "natural" but it's shown to have the same effects as artificial dyes.
That dye is also listed as "carmine" sometimes.
I'm excited about some of the wonka chocolate bars I've found that don't contain dyes or artificial flavors though!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add link. LKook under "uses"