Friday, November 21, 2008

considering full Feingold

I'm trying to figure out how and when to start a full scale attempt at Feingold. We've gotten rid of the dyes and most of the preservatives for a while. We've drastically reduced high fructose corn syrup. I've recently suspected apples and grapes may be a problem as well. I guess I'm still a little hung up on the fact that fruit is supposed to be healthy and how could it really be such a problem. It's that, and the fact that I want to cook normal for Thanksgiving, but then I guess that went out the window when I figured out Crescent rolls have food coloring.

I had hoped that were going "over kill" by keeping Alex off wheat and dairy, but now it seems that he's once again much better off both. He can think better, behave better, write better, and the rash and bowel problems both cleared back up.

So, if it seems I'm not posting as much, it's mostly due to lots of appointments this week and trying to read the rest of Jane Hersey's book, "Why Can't my Child Behave." It's been very enlightening.


Jane said...

Salicylates (found in apples, grapes, etc.) are the quirkiest part of the Feingold diet. No question, it's a pain to think about removing them, even for a short time, but for a small percentage of people they can be a huge problem. In our recent October newsletter (Pure Facts) we discussed problems like seizures, speech disturbances, behavior & learning problems, night terrors and tissue swelling....all from those healthy foods! The good news is that even if a child is sensitive to salicylates, most kids can add them back in later. For adults they tend to just need to keep the amount under control.

food dye diaries said...

Thanks for your comment. I really am learning a lot from your book.