Monday, November 24, 2008

question about apples and grapes

I got an email asking why I am now looking at apples and grapes as a source of reaction. From reading the information from the Feingold Association, I've been learning about salicylates. Some foods produce similar chemicals to aspirin which can cause sensitivities. I noticed all of my kids being somewhat worse (moody, hyperactive, etc) last week when I had grapes out for snacking and they had apple juice a few times. In other reading, I've found these same foods to be at the top of the list of foods affected the most by pesticides. I've started buying organic on lots of things.

For more info on salicylates check out the Feingold site information on salicylates.

They also have a story of a family who found the diet helpful click here for more on that. Jane Hersey has more information in both of her books.

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