Thursday, November 6, 2008

the dreaded school meeting

There I was today, with the team of school staff and somehow the topic of food dyes came up. I made sure the speech therapist still has a stash of organic candy. The teacher politely smiles, saying nothing (which probably translates to "we know she's out in left field on this one folks"), a few others nod, the school psychologist actually said, "Hmm maybe I should pay more attention to that." I tell them I have a blog. They change the subject and I try to act like I'm not some mutant Mom who just grew a second head.

I guess I need to get over worrying about what they think of me and focus on what's best for my kids. Sometimes it takes more than just a little courage though. It's hard when my food rules for my children are so different than main stream beliefs. I might as well have started a new religion. But one day with my kids when food dyes are in effect and anyone would be a believer.


Anonymous said...

hi laura, i wrote you the other day, i have people left and right coming up to me now wanting to be dye free and i couldnt have done it without your blog, it has changed our lives. i mean he still acts like a almost 4 yr old boy but the "volume has been turned down" people will realize and if not , its their loss, keep it up , every kid you help is worth it. ;o)

Helen from Oregon

food dye diaries said...

Thanks so much for the comment, I really want to get the word out. Keep telling your friends.

food dye diaries said...


Thanks again for the comment. I'm so happy for you and your son. I know I feel like I got my real kids back when we went dye free. I just hope more and more people will try it and see how much better their kids can be too. It's not fair for people to think they have bad kids when bad food, or rather lax food standards are really to blame.

Keep us posted on your progress.