Friday, November 14, 2008

suspecting food dye is sneaking in somewhere

It's been a crazy week. Lindsey has been more emotional, defiant and temperamental. I keep wondering if some food dyes snuck in somewhere, but it could also be she's pining for Daddy who has not been home in daylight hours much at all due to lots of work demands. I keep telling myself to enjoy the threes, but I remember 4 being so much calmer than 3 with the boys.

We had taken a few weeks off the Gluten Free, Casein/Dairy Free diet for Alex and he's back to having a rash and bowel problems, so back out with the wheat. We knew milk has to stay out of the equation since he's lactose intolerant, but I was hopeful we could introduce some wheat. Oh well. I want to get closer to a Feingold diet for all three of my kids, but when we are already GFCF, it's tough. I guess salicylates are next on my list.


Marcia said...

Are you a member of the Feingold Association and sticking to the most up to date foodlist? A variance from it could be your problem if it is dietary. Eliminating high fructose corn syrup can made a difference too. Keeping a diet diary can often lead to you the problem.

food dye diaries said...

Thanks, you got me thinking. No, I am not officially a Feingold member sticking to the food list. With my son already needing dairy free and gluten free, adding Feingold to that seemed to be too much to tackle. I'm still contemplating it though. I realized I need to get rid of the blue toothpaste.

Marcia said...

There are many, many members of the organization that are doing the same thing--same with the Yahoo group. The new foodlists now note gluten. I'm not sure about dairy.