Friday, February 27, 2009

dye free eating gets easier

I found something really cool. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy IATP has a Brain food selector that shows you which foods have artificial dyes. You can type in a restaurant and type of food (or all their food) and check for a specific artificial coloring. You can also type in a brand like Kraft. When I used it I found out Wendy's Chili has Red #40. What a bummer. That was my healthier substitute for the fried stuff. Check it out.


J Lindsey said...

Wow, even things like Dannon lite and fit yogurt have artificial dye in them!

Have you sent any of this info to our congressmen and women?

food dye diaries said...

I've asked them to propose similar bills to the ones in Maryland. I didn't get any response.

JDuvall said...

That link was neat! Do you know if there is one that does just the opposite? I would like to be able to find a list of products that DON'T contain any dyes.


food dye diaries said...

Feingold Association has a list you get when you join their organization.