Friday, February 27, 2009

what can be done about food dyes?

There are lots of things the average person can do to help with this problem
  1. Eliminate dyes from your family's diet. Use your consumer power to buy only dye free products. Don't bring dyed food into the house.

  2. Tell your friends/family/neighbors to try going dye free. Let families know they can do something to help their own children and that it really makes a difference.

  3. Contact food companies. Make a formal request to take food dyes out of their products. Call or email to do this. Consider calling or emailing Kraft, General Mills, Nestle, etc.

  4. Contact grocery chains such as Kroger, Meijer, Walmart, or whatever store you frequent. Let them know you would like to see naturally colored products and suggest your favorite items.

  5. Contact restaurant chains like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King etc. and ask for natural drink choices for kids, pickles that are free of yellow dye, etc.

  6. Sign the Petition to ban food dyes

  7. Contact your state and federal representatives and tell them you would like to see legislation to remove food dyes from food.

  8. Report you child's response to dyes at CSPI's site.

  9. Request your school to provide dye free foods in the school lunches.

  10. Talk to people about food dyes. Explain why you avoid dyes. Let them you know they can do the same.
  11. Teach your children to avoid foods that contain food dyes. Make it a rule that colored foods are off limits unless proven safe, rather than assuming they are OK.

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