Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nice pile of red candy

Well, the parties seem to have gone well and the kids all loved their cupcakes. Now I've got a big pile of candy they brought home. Ben was pretty disappointed that he couldn't have any of it. He got over it when I pulled out the candy I keep at home and let him have his choice of several things after dinner. I used to eat some of the contraband dye myself, but I learned my lesson the last time I ate the red licorice (VERY GRUMPY RESULTS) Sometimes I just throw it out and don't think twice. Today I think I'll have Ed take it to work and let his co-workers have whatever they want.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to see if there is any news about the food dye bill being discussed in Maryland. While looking for that, I came across the site for The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. It has a lot of information about the food dye issue as well as the mercury found in the HFCS and the specific amounts.

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