Monday, June 15, 2009

food dyes at the dentist

We started off our first day of summer vacation with 4 dentist appointments. It went fairly well and they have now flagged all of our charts with allergy stickers regarding the artificial coloring. I requested that they flag it as an allergy.

The paste they normally use to polish teeth is dark red. I'm assuming it's loaded with red #40. They had a substitute that looked a little like grey sand, but it wasn't gritty, so that's what we all got. The hygenist said there is a white flouride available, but they still use the pink or green stuff. I may write ahead and request the white fouride as an option next time. I guess it costs a lot more so they don't keep it on hand. On the way home Ben said they gave him pink flouride, so we'll wait and see if there's any fallout from that. Oh, let's hope not.

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Mom4Change said...

I took my six year old to the dentist a few months before school ended and I also made sure that they didn't give him the colored fluoride treatments and different flavored cleaning pastes that they have available. We used the plain white colors assuming hopefully that it didn't contain the artificial colors. I was glad that the dental hygienist was familiar with artificial dye sensitivities and she didn't have opposing views about it. It always makes me feel more at ease when people are on the same side of the issue. I am grateful that more and more people are becoming aware of it. I'm also grateful for people like you who are helping to make this well known. I added your blog to my list of red dye bloggers on my site. I think the title on my blog link should include something more than that, but I didn't have the time to think.
Thank you!!!!