Monday, June 8, 2009

pretty pink cake

My little girl loves pink so I've been trying to figure out how to make her a pink butterfly birthday cake to go with the candles I found. I tried adding beet juice to white frosting. Then I decorated with lots of white frosting and more of that Surf Sweets candy I got for free. I used gummy worms for the butterfly body and jelly beans and gummy swirls to make the flowers. My daughter was thrilled with the outcome. Eating pink food is a big deal since we have to pass on so many pink and red items. I really don't think you could take taste the beet juice at all, but the thick white frosting on top may have helped with that. I also stopped adding the beet juice when I felt like I could smell it. The candy was so tempting I even caught my mother-in-law picking a few pieces off the cake.

Here is how it turned out:


Stacey said...

beautiful cake!! I'm facing the same dilemma next weekend when my little guy turns 4. I found a natural dye Food coloring that you can buy on I have only tried it out to ice cookies. It doesn't make that DEEP coloring, but it at least gives another option than white! :)

Violets said...

Yay for SAFE fun food :-)

And happy birthday to your little one...the cake looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

sweome, you give me hope :D

Helen from oregon