Friday, June 12, 2009

last day of school

We made it to the end. It's the final day of the 6:50 trip to the bus stop until August. I had at least 7 times the past week when I needed to send in substitutes for everything from ice cream sundae toppings to popsicles for the end of year parties. I actually had to make myself a chart to remember which child needed which snack on the right day.

I also made cupcakes for Lindsey's preschool birthday party. I tried red raspberry juice in white frosting. It tasted great! I did them late at night(after baseball) but I forgot to take a picture. I needed to keep them chilled because my husband bought whipped icing and it kind of flopped and got runny when mixed with the juice. All in all, I think the raspberry was much better tasting than the beet juice, but both had nice color. We got a good "bubble gum" pink each time. I'm thinking about buying a lot of raspberries now while they are in season and freezing them. Then I can make the same color any time.

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