Saturday, January 24, 2009

dye free candy for Valentine's Day

We've made it through Halloween and Christmas, now it's time to gear up for all the red and pink concoctions that will be flowing in the classrooms for Valentine's Day. I have vivid memories of last year's kindergarten party cupcakes with no less than an inch of dark red frosting. Yuck! The kids left with red faces, lips, tongues, hands, you name it. It stained everything in site. But just because my kids can't have that doesn't mean that they shouldn't have something special. I'm sure I'll get some good chocolate.

I also tend to shop at the local health food store for organic candy. I went to the sites of the brands I like and found some extra items too. You can even get red candy hearts that are all natural. check it out:

Natural Candy Store I like the Surf Sweets swirls. They taste good and have calcium and Vitamin C.

Yummy Earth We love their lollipops. I keep them in my purse.

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