Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just had to say it

I opened my big mouth and had the nerve to say, "gosh it's nice that no one's been sick in our family" So it was only fitting that I came down with the flu the very next day. I'm mostly better now that it's been 4 days. Now I'm just finding myself a little short tempered. Probably all the red ibuprofen I took for two feverish days.

Alex has calmed down considerably since we switched back from soy milk to rice milk. We never did figure out for sure why everyone else was so wired. After a lot of retracing I suspect the vanillin in the chocolate chips. Ed made chocolate chip pancakes New Years Day and we had more on another day. I've been buying Ghiradelli chips (which have real vanilla) but he used Nestle (which have vanillin-fake vanilla flavor). I guess it makes sense that if my kids react to petroleum in food dyes, they may also be sensitive to petroleum in vanillin.

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