Wednesday, January 28, 2009

is there mercury in corn syrup?

My friend just told me about this article about a study that found Mercury in US corn syrup
What I find interesting is that once again the FDA was informed about a potential risk and ignored it. It's the same as with the food dyes. What is the point of having the FDA if they refuse to do their job? Here is another article about mercury in corn syrup that explains a little more and this article lists that products testing positive for mercury including ketchup and jelly. Uhg. I guess it's eat at your own risk these days. Regardless, my family will definitely be avoiding HFCS much more diligently. Iguess I'll keep you posted on what we do about ketcup and chocolate syrup.


J Lindsey said...

Yet another reason for me to preach the 'evil' of of HFCS!

Thanks for spreading the word.

food dye diaries said...

nice to hear from you!