Monday, January 26, 2009

I would not have guessed it was the milk shake

Yea, here we go again. It is so darn hard to stay off food dyes. So we've had another slip. My kids don't know, but all the signs are there. Lindsey got up 4 times last night. All other nights she has been going to bed calmly and quietly with no problem and staying there until morning. We decided to eat out Saturday. We hardly ever do that anymore. Our first choice restaurant had a 90 minute wait so we went to Shake N Steak, more out of desperation than preference. We splurged and got milk shakes. I was careful to request no cherries. They brought mine with cherry juice dribbled on top. Since Ed feels he is immune to the effects of dyes he got a strawberry shake. I scooped all visible signs of red off my shake and dumped it on his. I still felt very very grouchy all day yesterday. I figured the trace of red in my shake did it. It seems like my thoughts get more negative. It amazes me how much I don't feel like myself. I want to obsess on one little thing that didn't get done right rather than all the good things in front of me.

So this morning I decided to investigate the ingredients. Doesn't it figure that their ice cream has yellow #5 and yellow #6. Big sigh. I have to remind myself not to say what is on my mind because it is not rational or accurate.

My friend called to tell me about her terrible weekend after her daughter ate the yellow cheesy chips at school. I can relate. I wish there was more that could be done to help people realize these ingredients are a problem and that children shouldn't consume them. I shouldn't consume them either. I'm not proud of the parenting that comes out when I do.

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