Friday, March 13, 2009

maybe it was the Doritos

Well, the ingredients said there wasn't any red dye, but after Lindsey and I finished off that bag of Doritos Wednesday, we both have the tell tale signs of dye induced grumpiness. It seems like the same effect we get from dye free candies that are still manufactured in factories with lots of red #40. Traces sometimes still get in.

Lindsey's back to frequent screaming and some spitting. It is such a contrast to the sweet child who usually walks up to me, hugs me and says, "You're mine Mommy and I love you soooo much." Hopefully tomorrow should be the last day.

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Mom4Change said...

It has its way of sneaking in there, doesn't it? There is so much that people have to become aware of when it comes to making and avoiding artificially colored products! It doesn't take much to have the effect of dye-induced ugliness! For those people who don't have children, this might be hard to believe. It is very easy for us to see the correlation - we live with it day by day and we know our children and ourselves. I hope you have dye-free days ahead. :)