Monday, March 9, 2009

some fun finds

We had a great weekend enjoying the warm sunshine. We were happy to see that one of our favorite ice cream places, Young's Dairy, is now promoting many all natural flavors that are free of artificial flavors and dyes. The poor teens serving the ice cream probably hated us for making them check to see if Lindsey's cookie dough ice cream had yellow #5 or #6 in it. It sure looked yellow, but Ed found a carton in their freezer case that listed ingredients and it was fine. So here is my new suggestion for being informed but not making a pain of yourself: check the the ingredients in the "take home" freezer products at ice cream places. Then you are not at the mercy of someone else to read the ingredients label.

We also found that Doritos actually has a "spicy sweet chili" flavor that is also dye free. Sure they are not exactly good for you, but it was nice to have some spicy red junk food without all the side effects of the red 40.

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