Monday, March 16, 2009

We should be able to get dye free medicine

My doctor's office was very helpful about our medicine needing to be dye-free. I called and explained that the prescription we had filled contained red #40. I explained that my son is highly reactive to dyes and that he can't take a medicaiton that contains them. The nurse indicated that they routinely work with a special compounder who could ship the medicine from Cleavland. I made sure to specify that it needs to be free of all artificial dyes so that they wouldn't avoid the red #40 only to put in some yellow or blue dye instead. Hopefully it will all work out.


Violets said...

Glad to hear it :-) Not all doctors have even heard of compounding. (growl)
I forgot to mention, too, regarding the yeast free diet...have you seen the SCD? If not, take a look at It's designed for parents of autistic kids, BUT the diet is designed to kill off grains or refined carbs. There's a link to several recipes that might help get your creative juices flowing :-)

Mom4Change said...

I feel bad for you having to go through all that with your son. :( I didn't know that you were also dealing with other dietary needs. In our house, we have to stay away from MSG products (gives us migraines)and food dyes.
What symptoms did your son experience which led you to finding out about high levels of yeast? I wonder if that is something that I should have tested for my son since he is highly reactive to dyes. I wonder if it is typical of children who are reactive to dyes to also have high levels of yeast.
I hope you got the medicine that is right for your son! I am so angered by the fact that medicines have this junk in it! :( I wish you all the best.

food dye diaries said...

Thanks for both of your comments! I need all the dietary ideas I can get. I'll respond to your questions in another post.