Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week

We received the dye free medicine but I have not had a chance to call and check on our prescription plan. At least I finally know how to get medicine compounded without the nasty colors. I can't imagine if my kids need medicine and I couldn't tell if it was the real ingredients or the dye that was making them react. Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about it this time around.

Here is my response to questions that came up about how I ended up on the "sugar free" path to eliminating yeast with my son. He has always had digestive issues. He has a history of lots of ear infections and triple courses of antibiotics several times before he was 2. We have been told he is lactose intolerant rather than allergic to milk. His bowel movements were always inconsistent, either too loose or too hard. He had rashes for several months last year until I took him off wheat and dairy completely. Being off wheat and dairy has helped a lot. The rashes have gone away and the all the "poop" problems got better. But I still suspected food allergies or something else seemed to be at play. My gut instinct has been that things are not quite right.

I finally found a specialist who does a lot of extra testing through Great Plains Laboratory. I've suspected either "leaky gut" or yeast in the intestines for a while, but didn't think my regular pediatrician would address that. She referred me to an allergist, but when I called the allergist they told me they don't do that kind of testing. So most of the test results aren't back yet, but initial results look like it is yeast in the intestines (possibly from as far back as when he was 1 and getting all the antibiotics).

So this week we managed no sugar, and virtually no carbs except rice milk and a a few bowls of organic brown rice cereal. It was tough, but we survived. I'm still researching online about yeast/candida diets and how to best kill off the yeast. Most sources say I need to keep him off corn, potatoes and peanuts. Every meal seems like a new challenge. But we did it. With that said, I'm exhausted and ready for the weekend.

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