Sunday, December 21, 2008

and the party goes on and on...

...At least the effects of the dye has. Lindsey has alternated between fine and "beastly" all weekend. The car trip had plenty of shrieking over little things. It's interesting that she behaved much better for the 10 hour trip to South Carolina last summer (dye free) than she did for the 3 hour trip to my parents' house this weekend. (Sigh)

Here's the really sad part. When I questioned Ben again about why he didn't eat the cupcakes I made for his party, he said that he saw the red and green decorations and thought he couldn't have one, so he said "No." Maybe I've trained him a little too well to avoid the stuff. He thought I had come in to drop off cookies and didn't realize I had made the cupcakes specially for him. Next time I need to explain better when he can have something.
Here are the cupcakes I made for the parties: white cake, white frosting, chocolates wrapped in foil. Too bad Ben missed out. Sigh again.

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Erika :-) said...

Those cupcakes look great ... very festive! You're a great mom to make the extra time to ensure your kids get to celebrate at the parties along with the other children!