Friday, December 12, 2008

food dye at the dentist

We went to a new dentist today. I was busily filling out the paperwork and they ushered us back quickly and said I could finish the paperwork as they got started. Before I knew it Ben's teeth were polished and the dentist had made his appearance. I opted for no fluoride because they only had a red one or a green one. I explained my kids can't have anything with coloring in it. Our previous dentist used white fluoride. I commented to the hygienist and dentist together that the dyes in medicines are often the ones banned form food. The dentist seemed a little interested saying, "Really?" and then he was out of there.

Then it was Alex's turn. I was no longer filling out forms from the corner so I could pay attention better. When it was time to polish his teeth she got out a nice little tin of dark red toothpaste. Why on earth does it need that much color? How can that be good for your teeth? I quickly asked if there were any other options. She had already used the stuff on Ben (big sigh). She quickly got a white paste and moved on. She did apologize that she didn't know on Ben. She also offered to put an allergy sticker on their new charts so they will know better next time. So, despite my best intentions of refusing fluoride and watching like a hawk, we still had yet another slip up. I'm not telling Ben he had anything.


Jane said... often we have heard the same story; and many of us have lived through it!
I caution parents to NEVER trust that the dentist of hygenist will remember to not use the artificially dyed and flavored junk. Dentistry is loaded with really awful chemicals. They even have flavored latex gloves!
My advice is to bring in a tube of your own toothpaste so they can use it in place of the colored pumice. Be sure to stay with your child the whole time and don't take your eyes off the staff; they can move very quickly!

The three worst places for a Feingolder: 1. the school cafeteria
2. vacation Bible school
3. the dentist's office.


food dye diaries said...

Jane, thanks for your comment. I think my New Year's Resolution is going to be starting the total Feingold program for the whole family. But right now I'm just trying to get through the holidays. Great idea to bring my own toothpaste to the dentist. They'll probably really get to lecturing if they find out my kids don't always use floride. The funny thing is their teeth look better on the plain white stuff.