Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone else had a great holiday. Ours has been awesome and dye free for all but the one Kool Aid slip. We had a close call on Christmas Eve. Our church handed out little bags with crayons, a coloring sheet and --you guessed it: candy canes. I never thought to check the bag for candy. Well try taking a candy cane away from a hungry 3 year old quietly in the middle of a church service. Yes, there was a huge temptation to let her have it to keep her quiet, but the 2 minutes of peace it might buy at church was not worth the three days of terror I knew we'd have as a result. So she fussed very briefly that I took a broken piece out of her hand when it was about 2 inches from her lips (phew that was close) and we went on to have a beautiful Christmas.

I do find it frustrating that I could not find any white candy canes, so my kids skipped out on that part of the holidays. I looked all over but it seems the dye companies have gone extra nuts with candy canes. Oh, well, it's a simple sacrifice to ensure my kids don't revert back to their toxic, dye exposed selves.

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Stephanie said...

I have a similar story to yours. Will write more when I get time.. I did find candy canes with only natural colourings- pumpkin extract, carrot, etc..., but I cannot remember the company that manufactures them. My kids loved them!