Thursday, December 18, 2008

follow up on dentist

I've been wanting to write all week, but...tis the season to bake, shop wrap, etc. We went back to the dentist on Monday for my own appointment. They were so impressed with Lindsey on Friday they thought she could get an exam after she did so well watching the boys. Originally they didn't want to see her until she was 4. I'm hoping I made a point to them.

I watched very closely and caught the hygienist before she gave Lindsey the bright red tooth paste. She searched all over until the other hygienist gave her the same white stuff they used on Alex. That's the first small victory.

Lindsey did a great job with her first teeth cleaning. She sat very still, did everything she was told and stayed totally calm throughout her own check-up as well as mine. I got the same hygienist both days. She was interested in hearing more about food coloring. She made comments about how good Lindsey was and asked if she is a laid back child. I told her she can be very calm and laid back most of the time, but that she's a a totally high maintenance kicking/screaming mess on food dyes. It was nice that she got to see all three of my kids at their very best. I'm hoping that behavior made the point more than anything else.

I don't write as much about my kids' behaviors off the food dyes, but it's nice to be able to get through things like a new dentist and walk out proud rather than feeling embarrassed by my children.

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