Saturday, December 20, 2008

I should have guessed

I obsessively baked and decorated 6 dozen cupcakes for 3 class Christmas parties to make sure my kids had dye free foods to enjoy. The preschool party went off without a hitch. When I walked in and saw they were serving blueberry bread for the breakfast with Santa I got worried. But the staff had it covered. Lindsey's plate already had her organic cereal bar that they are supposed to substitute for blueberry bread. I was so appreciative. One party down successfully.

I dropped off the next batch of cupcakes in Ben's 3rd grade classroom. I trust him not to eat the candy canes and saw that the juice boxes were OK for him to drink. I went on to Alex's 1st grade class. I had to keep taking away candy canes because well other intended moms kept handing him one. Alex asked if he could have the coolaid drink and I told him no. His awesome teacher overheard and said she keeps Capri Suns in her cupboard to make sure he has a dye free drink. She quickly got him one and everything seemed good. The class went about the party, enjoying the cupcakes. Lindsey was tagging along so I handed her a cupcake and sat her down to eat it. When I looked back, I noticed she had a drink. Then I realized what it was. Some "nice" mom handed her a coolaid drink and put the straw in the pouch for her. UHHHHG! There goes my dye-free holiday and we are driving to Grandma's house today. Just great! I'm praying for a peaceful car trip, but I'm realistic enough to know what to expect. At least she had the green one (with blue and yellow) rather than the total red #40 one.

Then here's the kicker. Ben later told me he didn't even eat a cupcake because his 9 year old self didn't feel like it. Well, at least the rest of the kids enjoyed them. Bah humbug.


Marcia said...

I've enjoyed your blogs on the importance of staying away from synthetic dyes, flavorings, etc. All children should stay away from them. Are the teachers at your children's school of 2 recent studies showing that the dyes affect all children--normal children as well as those identifie as having ADHD. Does the school have "teaching training days" or parent meetings where you could give a presentation?

food dye diaries said...

There does not really seem to be a good way to get the information out at either the preschool or the elementary school. I've given the preschool director copies of the research. She has not been motivated at all the change the diet there. At least they respect my insistance on substituting various items. It's on me to have the alternates there. Most people seem to think it's just "Laurie on some health kick" rather than something that affects all kids. I find many people are pretty closed minded on the issue (Oh my kids never react like that). I just keep telling people who are interested in hopes that more and more people will figure it out.